Our values

We take the word Value seriously- that's why we spell it with a capital V. In a world where prices give little indication of the true value of goods, we want you to experience all our values throughout your journey to the perfect bespoke and sustainable garment. We believe in the idea of anti-newness, keeping distribution small to maximise quality and avoid over-exposure. Because that's true luxury.

A Passion for Honest Luxury


Jennifer Klein Couture Atelier Frankfurt Germany Bridal Eveningwear

Craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to us. When ordering a JKC garment, you are supporting a business which upholds centuries old craftsmanship of the highest standard.


Having trained at the most prestigious fashion schools and under one of Germany's last couture tailors, Jennifer Klein invariably creates pieces of the highest couture standards, pieces which will truly last a lifetime. 


All pieces are fully handmade in our atelier in Frankfurt, Germany.  The majority of the sewing is also done by hand, only reverting to machine sewing for long vertical and horizontal seams. Handsewn hems and beautiful interior constructions are the hallmarks of true couture and you will always find these in our pieces.


We also create one-of-a-kind embroideries to decorate any garment and have a vast library of sample motives showcasing different techniques.


Jennifer Klein Couture Atelier Frankfurt Germany Bridal Eveningwear

Sustainability is at the heart of our business on several different levels.


JKC is proud to place itself in the slow fashion niche. Creating quality garments takes time- anything between 1 day and 12 weeks depending on the piece. But slow fashion does not just mean things take their time, it means respect for the people and the resources that go into making a garment. It means putting more effort into purchases than the average person and it taking a path less chosen.


We work exclusively with sustainable materials- 95 % of which are natural fibres, the remaining 5 % being metallics or nylon and polyblends for laces. All man made fibres come from strictly controlled manufacturers and are sustainable in their production process.


We know all our fabric suppliers personally and only work with companies sharing our values and ethos. We can trace where each fabric comes from, from the raw fibre to the spinning and weaving. This allows for a completely transparent production process. 

The Women

Jennifer Klein Couture Atelier Frankfurt Germany The Couture House Bridal Eveningwear

We are proud to be a female lead business catering to women all over the world and of all age groups.


We celebrate all women by creating designs which truly reflect their extraordinary personalities and styles- and are often rewarded with inspiration.


Women from all over the world inspire us and allow us to create pieces of an endless variety of styles- from truly extravagant to minimalistic, from bohemian to business chic. We love this diversity! What unites all our clients is that they want to be unique and look for highest quality materials and fabrication.