The world of couture is traditionally split into flou and tailleurFlou describes the creation of dresses, tops and skirts, focusing on draping and delicate, soft fabrics. Tailleur refers to classic tailoring pieces such as coats, jackets and trousers.


Our tailoring sector specialises in the creation of luxury outerwear, particularly cashmere coats and evening outerwear. We want to create pieces you will turn to season after season, that provide warmth and comfort, and that always make you feel best dressed. After all, your coat is your calling card


Coats and outerwear pieces are created using traditional tailoring techniques to ensure a perfect fit and durability. Only the most luxurious and sustainable materials are used for the creation of our tailored pieces. We are proud to work with the most luxurious cloth weavers from around the world, sourcing our cashmeres from Dormeuil, Loro Piana and Colombo. All our pieces are lined in our signature detox silk for the highest level of comfort. 

Suits & Trousers

Jennifer Klein Couture Frankfurt The Couture House trousers suits hosen damen traditional tailoring handsewn multiple styles

Our atelier offers several different styles of suits and trousers, all made bespoke just for you.


Whether you are looking for a pair of trousers with the perfect fit and cut, or a bespoke suit to dress for success in business- we are here to cater to all your wishes and dreams.


We stock woolen cloths from the world's leading cloth manufacturers such as Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna, as well as cloths from smaller, traditional mills such as Dugdale and Linton Tweeds.


We like to create pieces that will last you a lifetime. A timeless suit in  a colour and cut that matches your skin tone and physique will take you anywhere. It is a common misconception that a classic suit should be black- in fact, a black suit only flatters about 20 % of women. Instead, a dark navy blue or deep emerald green can ofter work wonders and underscore the wearer's complexion. These colours can make you stand out in a subtle, elegant way.


Of course we also offer skirt suit ensembles in a variety of fabrics. Find a selection of  classic Chanel inspired jackets and suits here.

Evening Coats

Jennifer Klein Couture The Couture House Frankfurt Germany Evening Coat

Evening coats can be truly exceptional standout pieces such as this silk and sable coat or finest cashmere capes. Their purpose is to complement your choice of eveningwear.


The general rule is the simpler your outfit - possibly just a silk blouse and a pair of black cigarette pants- the more extravagant and eye catching the cover up and vice versa.


Shown here is an example of an ankle length silk coat, with a detachable sable collar and cuffs. This is the perfect coat to wear over a streamlined, monochrome evening dress or ensemble. It could even be worn as an extravagant day piece over jeans and a sweater.


We will happily provide several design options to complement any evening look you may have, always bearing in mind that these pieces should be as versatile as possible.


Choose from the finest printed silks, handwoven velvets and brocades or highest quality cashmere. Our fabric library provides a vast variety of options, which can be complemented by fur details or embroidery.


Jennifer Klein Couture The Couture House Frankfurt Germany Evening Coat

As soft and supple as suede- Our leather coats and jackets are made from sustainably sourced and dyed suede and nappa leather from Spain and Italy. They are beautiful options for autumn and spring, when you are looking for a little warmth and protection from wind and rain. 


Pick your favourite colour to go with your existing wardrobe and opt for classic horn buttons or metal press buttons in different finishes. 


All our leather creations are lined in luxurious detox silk, offering the highest level of comfort. You can opt for matching interiors and exteriors or add a bold, bright colour or print on the inside. 


Whether you are looking for a simple, elegant coat to go with all your outfits or a statement jacket, we are at your side to create your dream piece.  As leather is a very durable material, these really are pieces that will last a lifetime and grow better with age, gaining patina and moulding to your body.