One-off eveningdresses and ensembles have always been at the heart of Jennifer Klein Couture. As with all other bespoke services, the process begins with you. Whether you are looking for a classic cocktail dress, a draped evening gown or a beautiful lace creation, we will create something truly unique and exceptional for you for any occasion.

A couture dress is an experience, rather than simply a garment. Allow us to take you on this journey.

Jennifer Klein Couture Eveningwear Embroidery Spitzen Couturiere

Jennifer Klein Couture Eveningwear Embroidery Spitzen Couturiere

A selection of laces from the finest European manufacturers

Jennifer Klein Couture Eveningwear Abendkleider Couturiere

Every season we add new designs to our eveningwear collection- let yourself be inspired by these or have something truly unique designed just for you.

Jennifer Klein Couture Eveningwear elegante Abendkleider Couturiere

Feathers- especially marabou- have a stunning effect on any dress. They create a sense of movement and lightness and can also act as colour highlights.

Jennifer Klein Couture Eveningwear Embroidery Spitzen Couturiere

Our in-house embroidery atelier offers you hundreds of designs to choose from or be inspired by. These can be beautiful additions to an otherwise simple dress.

Evening Gowns

The design and creation of bespoke evening gowns is at the heart of Jennifer Klein Couture. We love to turn your dreams into reality using the world's finest materials, making you stand out wherever you go. Whether you are looking for a couture confection for white tie events or a sleek evening dress to wear to black tie galas, we are at your side to design the perfect dress from the world's finest materials. 


Over the past few years we have been honoured to dress some of the most inspiring women from the arts, politics, and entertainment industry, as well as style-defining royals. 


This gallery will offer you a glimpse into the evening dress creation process, as well as some of our most loved designs. We highly recommend ordering eveningwear pieces 3 to 9 months in advance, to allow enough time to create your dream design. 

The process of creating a bespoke evening gown begins with a first consultation. Let our vast library of designs and magazines inspire the silhouette of your dream dress. Browsing through several dress samples and our vast collection of fabrics, we begin by choosing the materials and colours suited to the desired occasion. Next, we will create several designs based on the ideas accumulated during this first consultation.


Jennifer Klein Couture Bespoke Evening Gown Abendkleider Design

After finalisation of the design, a toile is created of the basic shape and understructure of the dress. This is usually made of calico, but it can also be made of a different fabric resembling the final fabric. The idea is to achieve a first impression of the silhouette and check the basic fit of the pattern. At this point we will either go forth with the design or decide to make some changes to the silhouette and cut of the dress. This may result in a new design coming about.

Jennifer Klein Couture Bespoke Evening Gown Abendkleider Couturiere

Once the toile has a good fit and the desired silhouette has been achieved, work on the dress in the final fabric begins. Most evening dresses require either an understructure or a complete underdress. This is created first and has to have the perfect fit, as all other dress components will be mounted on top of this. Once this step is finished, the outer shell of the dress is created, giving the dress its final look. This is where all couture skills and techniques are fully displayed. 

Jennifer Klein Couture Bespoke Evening Gown Silk Abendkleider Seide Couturiere

The Cocktail Dress

A timeless cocktail dress is an essential part of any woman's wardrobe. Whether it is a minimalistic little black dress or an all-out embroidered lace piece, it should always reflect the personality of its wearer. 


The cocktail dress is suitable for formal events where no Black Tie attire is asked for. It is the go-to dress for evening events or nights about. Depending on its cut and colour, it may also be an adequate choice for attending a wedding.


The process of creating a cocktail dress is similar to the creation of an evening gown. From the start, the styling versatility of the dress plays an important role. It should be possible to style the dress in many different ways, depending on the choice of jewelry, footwear and accessories. This will make it a timeless and loved piece, worn over and over again in new ways.

Jennifer Klein Couture Bespoke Evening Gown Silk Abendkleider Seide Couturiere

The Gossamers


Gossamer refers to sheer fabrics, usually made of silk, sometimes of cotton. The term usually refers to organzas, chiffons and georgettes.


At Jennifer Klein Couture, we absolutely love gossamers for their true couture feel and the skill needed to work with them. We love working with organzas to achieve different structures and textures and to drape chiffons so they appear to float.


The beauty of gossamers truly comes out when pleating them, either horizontally, as seen on the sleeve to the left, or vertically, as seen on the black skirt below. Skirts can be made of anything between 3 and 20 metres, depending on the density of the pleats and how they are layered.


Of course, all sheer fabrics receive an underlayer or a separate slip to wear underneath. We prefer crafting these from luxurious peau de soie or silk satin. Underdresses and skirts, as well as camisoles, can of course also be worn on their own as they are crafted in the same luxurious manner as the outer garment.

Jennifer Klein Couture Evening Dress Opera Cape Organza

Spotlight on:


The Opera Cape

One aspect of evening dress which is often underestimated is outerwear- or rather what you wear on top of your special dress or ensemble. There is nothing more disheartening than a beautiful evening gown worn under a regular winter coat or jacket - even if it is a beautiful one. It is best to consider the weather and temperatures from the start. It may suffice to wear a beautiful scarf or stole. On other occasions, you may require slightly more coverage. Discover some of our evening coats here


Our Opera Cape provides a beautiful option for coverage. While it covers the entire upper body, the semi-sheer organza fabric will allow for your dress to show through. The cape does not oppress the fabric or crease it, as it simply flows around your body. It is available in a variety of colours and lengths.

Jennifer Klein Couture elegantes Abendkleid Seide Eveningwear Silk

We also provide a full styling service, advising on accessories, footwear, make-up and hairstyling together with our distinguished partners