Jennifer Klein Couture upcyling project silk scarves handbags Seidentücher Upcyling besonderes Geschenk für Damen Handtasche Kosmetiktasche

Since the establishment of Jennifer Klein Couture in 2017, Jennifer Klein has worked on several upcyling projects for individual clients. The process began with one client owning several old silk scarves, which she loved, but no longer wore. These were soon turned into several different handbags, followed by orders for pillows, shirts and dresses.


Working on these upcycling styles is always a truly unique process. Each scarf or fabric is carefully studied, to bring out and accentuate the most beautiful features in each design.  


And if our are looking for our signature silk wrap trousers, find them here

 Fallen in love with one of our upcycling creations but do not have any silk scarves (or not enough) to create your dream piece?!


Fear Not! Our silk scarf sourcing service enables you to order pieces from our upcycling collection- as well as our signature wrap trousers- without actually having any silk scarves yourself. We work with our local luxury vintage boutique to source the most beautiful and suitable scarves from around the world for you. Kindly contact us for this special service and to learn more about prices and design options.