Jennifer Klein Couture Daywear Skirt Silk

Our daywear couture ranges from classic blouses and shirts to beautiful suits and dresses. What makes these pieces exceptional is not only the bespoke fit, but also the materials. At Jennifer Klein Couture we only work with the most precious and high quality natural fibers from around the world. We carefully source all our fabrics from selected manufacturers, always looking for absolutely transparent supply chains.


Bespoke pieces for every day are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. They can act as the staples which give you confidence, knowing you are wearing a garment with a perfect fit and created just for you.


As with all of our bespoke pieces, the process begins with a consultation during which we will establish the design of the desired garment and the requirements it should fulfill. We will then proceed to choosing a fabric suitable to the design and season. Next, the garment is created in its basic shape and fitted to your body during a first fitting. For complex designs a toile of the silhouette may be created using calico before the garment is cut in final fabric. During the first fitting, details such as pockets, trims or embroideries may also be added. In a final fitting all these details will then be present and the overall fit of the garment verified.


We have worked with many clients on building a wardrobe which truly reflects their style and personality. Often a simple silhouette may be done in several different fabrics, perhaps adding a sleeve or a special embroidery. Over time this will result in a wardrobe filled only with pieces that give their wearer confidence and a positive feeling.


We offer you a vast selection of silk fabrics from the finest suppliers in Italy.

Our leather is sourced locally from one of Offenbach's last leather suppliers. All their skins are sourced from sustainable farms in Europe and dyed to exceptional colours without the use of toxic chemicals.

Beautiful tweed and bouclé fabrics are wonderful options for soft blazers, coats, dresses and skirts. Find your favourite amongst the collections of Britain's leading suppliers of these cloths.

Browse through our bi-annual collections. The designs can act as a source of inspiration and starting point and made exactly to your wishes- perhaps adding a sleeve or a change of neckline.

The Summer Dress

Who does not long for the perfect summer dress as the first flowers begin to blossom and the days slowly become longer and warmer?


Whether you prefer mini, midi or floor length dresses, we can create your dream summer dress from the most beautiful and sustainable natural fibres. Choose from hundreds of different linens, cottons and silks- or opt for a couture lace. 


We will work closely with you to turn any dress dreams into reality- whether this is a simple shirt dress in a beautiful linen cloth or one of our signature wrap styles. Our priority is to create a dress which will make you feel your best and accompany you for decades to come.


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The Wrap Dress


A wrap dress is probably the most comfortable thing you can wear on any given occasion- be it formal or casual. We offer a variety of  wrap dresses for all seasons in silk, wool, cashmere or cotton.


The idea of a wrap dress is that it fastens by tying it around your body once or twice. This allows for easy fit adjustments when your figure changes or when styling it a different way, for example as a cardigan.


Whether you are looking for something feminine and playful, such as our Cinderella wrap dress shown here, or for something minimalistic and slinky, do not hesitate to contact us to take a look at our designs or try on any samples we have in the atelier.

The Caftan Dress

Few things call for more summer feelings than wearing a beautifully crafted caftan dress during the first warm days of spring. Our collection offers you a wide variety of silhouettes, ranging from silk shifts to long tunic dresses. Our most popular styles are available to try on as prototypes in white and ivory. You can then choose from our large selection of fabrics- whether it is silk, linen or cotton- and be inspired by our library of hand made trims, embroideries and other decorations.


Of course we can also create an exclusive design just for you.

The Blouse

A show-stopping blouse or top can often act as a wonderful start for a conversation. Our designs for tops and blouses are always inspired by current trends and offer you the opportunity to create your favourite blouse in a variety of colours and fabrics. Especially unusual fabrics for blouses such as silk taffeta or wool can bring about extraordinary pieces, combining comfort and style.


A bespoke blouse also offers the opportunity to work on certain details, such as the length of the garment, which may not be possible in ready-to-wear. Whether you prefer high- or low-waisted skirts and trousers, your top can be made to perfect length for your style and comfort. Details such as fabric covered buttons can act as beautiful closures.

The Skirt

Being one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe, we have put a strong focus on creating a collection of skirts for all body shapes and sizes. A well-cut skirt in a beautiful cloth can take you from day to night.


You will find skirts for all occasions in our collection. A heavy silk skirt may look just as stunning during day paired with a white T-shirt and some sandals, as it does at night paired with an elegant silk blouse and a kitten heel. Creating a garment which is versatile and can be worn in infinite number of ways is of utmost importance to us.


For the winter season we are also proud to work with traditional tartans from one of the Scotland's oldest cloth mills. These tartans still carry the name of their original clan to this day, making it a very special garment.

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The Plissée Skirt

Plissée skirts can be made in a variety of fabrics, ranging from silk to linen, from wool to cotton.


Our plissée skirts are fully handsewn in our atelier, while the actual plissée process is performed by a small family owned business in England. This process guarantees the longevity of the pleats and allows them to be dry cleanable. As a truly timeless piece, the skirts are crafted to last decades. 


Our plissée skirts can be created in multiple styles and featuring different manners of fastening: choose between a visible button fastening- perhaps some one-of-a-kind gold or enamel buttons ?- or a concealed zip closure. Alternatively we can create bespoke leather straps with gold or silver buckles. This looks particularly beautiful on our classic kilts.


Pair our plissée skirts with a simple knit top for an ultra chic, yet laid-back look and never feel out of place. 

The Shirt

A classic white shirt with a perfect fit is one of the most important components of any wardrobe- and one of the most difficult things to find in ready-to-wear. The key is going bespoke from the start. 


We offer you three different weights of cotton  for our cotton shirts, varying in opacity, and several different types of silk. Silk shirts can be made from a light crepe, a silk satin, a semi-transparent silk georgette or even a transparent chiffon. Fabrics such as dupioni silk can also be used for shirts, giving a more structured look.


The button stand is one of the most important features of a shirt and we only offer genuine mother-of-pearl buttons in a variety of shades and shapes.