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Our daywear couture ranges from classic blouses and shirts to beautiful suits and dresses. What makes these pieces exceptional is not only the bespoke fit, but also the materials. At Jennifer Klein Couture we only work with the most precious and high quality natural fibers from around the world. We carefully source all our fabrics from selected manufacturers, always looking for absolutely transparent supply chains.


Bespoke pieces for every day are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. They can act as the staples which give you confidence, knowing you are wearing a garment with a perfect fit and created just for you.


As with all of our bespoke pieces, the process begins with a consultation during which we will establish the design of the desired garment and the requirements it should fulfil. We will then proceed to choosing a fabric suitable to the design and season. Next, the garment is created in its basic shape and fitted to your body during a first fitting. For complex designs a toile of the silhouette may be created using calico before the garment is cut in final fabric. During the first fitting, details such as pockets, trims or embroideries may also be added. In a final fitting all these details will then be present and the overall fit of the garment verified.


Jennifer Klein Couture selection of silk fabrics Italy

We offer you a vast selection of silk fabrics from the finest suppliers in Italy.

Jennifer Klein Couture selection of leather

Our leather is sourced locally from one of Offenbach's last leather suppliers. All their skins are sourced from sustainable farms in Europe and dyed to exceptional colours without the use of toxic chemicals.

Jennifer Klein Couture selection of tweed fabrics Great Britian

Beautiful tweed and bouclé fabrics are wonderful options for soft blazers, coats, dresses and skirts. Find your favourite amongst the collections of Britain's leading suppliers of these cloths.

Jennifer Klein Couture inspirational Fashion Design

Browse through our bi-annual collections. The designs can act as a source of inspiration and starting point and made exactly to your wishes- perhaps adding a sleeve or a change of neckline.


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