Jennifer Klein Couture is directed at women who appreciate the uniqueness of pieces created solely for them, the feeling of specially sourced materials in line with true craftsmanship, and a perfect fit. 


Jennifer Klein's pieces are unique in the world of women's bespoke clothing because of her combination of classic, flattering silhouettes with unexpected fabrics and one-of-a-kind embroideries, developed specially for each client. Furthermore, with its name for exceptional and off-the-radar dresses, Jennifer Klein Couture has a distinguished expertise in the design, fit and construction of these.


Jennifer Klein Couture women's bespoke clothing design classic silhouettes specially sourced materials embroideries

Classic silhouettes are given a modern twist through the use of embroideries and unexpected fabrics


Beyond what meets the eye, this philosophy extends to the subversive ethos of the label. Social and ethical factors such as environmental friendliness and quality over quantity are prioritised throughout the creative and production processes. Wherever possible, organic fabrics are used; where this is not possible, sustainable ones are used. Only natural fibres are employed throughout the entire production process. These specially sourced materials and trims are the very fabric of each Jennifer Klein Couture garment.


Together, the Jennifer Klein Couture philosophy, artistry and craftsmanship produce deeply authentic, inimitable pieces of fashion that last a lifetime.


Many thanks to Mr. Steven Reilly, stylist of this shoot;  Photographer: Luca Latrofa; Hair: Andrea Idini;  Make-Up: Maisie Caen-Reilly